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SMC is another well known name of a wholesale company where you can buy their products and sell them at retail for profit. Their products are generally gifts, jewelry and certain authentic merchandise. Until recently, Specialty Merchandise Company (SMC) had a spokesperson by the name of Tom Bosley, the father from that old TV show "Happy Days"  for those of us in that era! Tom Bosley as a spokesperson, was a great way to gain your trust in the SMC product and business opportunity as he was just your average American Dad who held the line in his household; why wouldn't you do business with someone of that character?  Sadly, Tom Bosley passed away in October of 2010.  He will be greatly missed. 

SMC also offers many marketing supplies as well as a website. The problem with a replicated website is that these sites aren't often recognized by search engines for e.g. Google …., so you likely would not get listed or ranked high in the listings. It would probably be better to make your own website if you thought of marketing these items, but that may not be allowed by SMC.

The profits from retail items such as these are not always high markup so this could be a flag to consider. Informational products are often the highest profit and most in demand for Internet sales as a comparison. SMC is a solid company and has been around for many years and will continue to be around for many more. I don't think that the products are that easy to sell, at least not to make the kind of profits we'd all like to see in our own home based business.

My concern is if you don't see something near a "full-time income" potential in a reasonable time frame, many will drop out. This is most likely why they continually need to recruit distributors. There are other opportunities that can get you to a decent income level in much faster and assured time.  So my advice to you is to do your due diligence and you will find a good online opportunity that is right for you, Good Luck to your success.  

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